What Sets SunPower Apart?

What Sets SunPower Apart?More and more homeowners are making the switch to solar power—not just an affordable and energy efficient solution, but also an environmentally friendly one. Making the jump to solar power isn’t uncomplicated, however, and one of the big decisions you’ll need to make is from which solar company you’ll get your equipment.

At Eco Solar USA, we’re proud providers of the SunPower system, which we believe to be the top product in its category. Allow us to explain why.

What Makes SunPower Unique?

Here’s the first thing to understand about SunPower: It’s the only solar energy system on the market today where every component is made by the same company. The solar panels, the software—all of it’s designed by the same team and made to work together in tandem. No other line can promise such a comprehensive solar solution.

This provides the customer with a lot of convenience: You can have all your needs met by a single vendor. It also means you can save time and money on your solar transition.

Ultimately, homeowners make the jump to solar energy because they want a clean and effective way to power their homes. On that front, SunPower delivers. In fact, the system offers 70 percent more lifetime energy, and with 70 percent fewer visible parts, than any conventional solar panel you can buy.

This is a product we believe in, and it’s one you can believe in, too. That’s because SunPower also has the best warranty of any solar energy product, including a full 25 years of coverage for parts and service.

Learn More About SunPower

There’s plenty more we could tell you about what sets SunPower apart, and we’d love to do so face-to-face. Contact Eco Solar USA to set up a consultation with us today.

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