The Power that is EcoSolar USA

Each of us are called to do our part in protecting the home we live in. And in the same stance that SunPower by EcoSolar USA was birthed, to help save the environment through harnessing renewable energy coming from the sun — known as solar power.

This was the vision of a group of friends back in May 2016 in establishing what was previously known as Star Sun Solar. They believe that harnessing solar power is the future of uninterrupted and unlimited energy. All natural and renewable, certainly environment-friendly power source.

Powered by SunPower

As cliche as it may sound, truly “Birds of the same feather flock together”, Star Sun Solar found in SunPower a lifetime partner in accomplishing its goals of providing solar power to the niche communities in Southern California. Not to mention that SunPower is the leading solar company and trusted brand in the US.

SunPower is one of the pioneers of renewable energy in the US and a global leader in solar power innovation and development. Established in 1985, it has since provided the best solar panel technologies for large companies and for the humble American households. From then on, it also has continuously strived to develop new and useful advancements to the solar power industry. At present, SunPower has established solar panel distribution in key states in the US and is set to capture more markets with the aim to transition the country to a fully Solar-powered nation.

Star Sun Solar to SunPower by EcoSolar USA

So the stars were aligned for Star Sun Solar to make its vision a reality. Carrying the SunPower brand, it promises to provide quality, trusted, and affordable solar power to Orange County. From an elite solar dealer, Star Sun Solar becomes one of a few selected SunPower Master Dealers. But before taking on further strides, Star Sun Solar changed its name to SunPower by EcoSolar USA (since a distributor holds that same business name).

EcoSolar USA, Youngest SunPower Master Dealer

After a year from establishment, Star Sun Solar quickly became an Elite Dealer for SunPower. And few months after, in Feb 2018, they became a Master Dealer, the youngest of the 40 master dealers nationwide. This was made possible because of its track record of fast growth and high-quality service as reported in customer surveys.

What It Takes to Be a Master Dealer?

Master Dealers are chosen by SunPower through invitation and invitees will undergo a rigorous selection process. From there, they would choose only a handful that meets or exceeds the desired quality for a master dealer.

To be chosen, a master dealer should be able to provide superior service in the areas of installation, training, and customer service. Moreso, a master dealer should be invested in their communities and have an expert knowledge of local jurisdiction and permit regulations.

This feat by EcoSolar USA is no easy trail, but with hard work, determination, and passion to service they achieved it in less than two years. In short, they have met all the standards set forth by SunPower to be a Master Dealer for Orange County area.

EcoSolar USA Today

True to its mandate, EcoSolar USA is bringing quality yet affordable solar power products to various communities in California. They are serving with utmost care and compassion to instill to customers not only energy saving but more importantly the advocacy of saving the environment.

The employees of EcoSolar USA are backed with years of solar industry experience, assuring customers knowledge and expertise in the field and integrity and professionalism in the conduct of service. Further, EcoSolar USA also has a total proficiency of various languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Laos) to take on the challenges of communication.

Since 2016, EcoSolar USA has flourished into one of SunPower’s best master dealer and the leading solar provider. It was voted as the Orange County’s most favorite solar installer/ contractor in 2018. So far, it has successfully completed more than 500 projects with 95 percent customer satisfaction.

Truly, SunPower by EcoSolar USA can guarantee customers and clients high-quality service from hereon and forward.

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