Sonnen x SunPower: Two Solar Power Giants Join Forces To Promote Cleaner And Greener Energy

Solar power is a constantly evolving force and is pretty much just a young technology at this point. So right now, it has a lot of room for growth, and that is what makes solar energy so viable. Unlike nonrenewable resources, solar energy and the technology for it can keep progressing without consequences such as pollution or dwindling resources.

So what happens when two of the biggest solar energy companies agree to improve upon the existing solar technology? Everybody wins, of course, and we are glad to inform you that this is exactly what SunPower did with German solar energy company Sonnen. There are tons of benefits to this both for people who are already invested in solar power and people who are planning to.

Why this is a good thing for the industry

  • Both companies have a reputation for quality, innovation, and performance and are some of the most popular and trusted in the solar industry.
  • Both companies have a mutual respect for each other, meaning their partnership is sure to be a harmonious one.
  • Sonnen recognizes SunPower as one of the best performing “full system” providers of solar energy setups.
  • Sonnen’s home solar energy storage system is one of the best and most comprehensive designs in the market right now. It features a state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind modular home battery design.
  • Sonnen’s home energy storage systems would pair well with SunPower’s high-performance solar panels.
  • SunPower’s solar panels have been tried and tested for functionality with Sonnen’s very own sonnenBatterie home energy storage.
  • SunPower will be able to cater to the demands of a much wider audience meaning the industry can grow even further, providing more jobs.

Why this is good for you

  • SunPower’s solar panels actually produce a lot of excess electricity even during not-so-sunny weathers, meaning that electricity will be put to good use with sonnenBatterie.
  • This means a lot of spare electricity for you which can be used for emergencies and other causes of power outages.
  • More savings for you since you can tap into the stored electricity from sonnenBatterie and remove your reliance on the grid for a certain period of time.
  • As customers of SunPower, your options are expanded because of Sonnen’s home storages.
  • You no longer have to look for another brand or company whenever you need a home battery since Sonnen can take care of that, as long as you are with SunPower.
  • You no longer have to worry about having excess electricity since Sonnen can take care of that end.
  • You are given more peace of mind because of this, knowing that the two best solar energy companies in the world are working together for you.

Why this is good for the environment

  • This program from Sonnen and SunPower will promote solar energy better, making people more aware of a renewable and safe energy source.
  • Both companies adhere to safety regulations and use some of the most environment-friendly equipment for manufacturing and installing solar panel setups.
  • The demands for solar energy are expected to increase in the next few years, meaning more people are expected to switch to it, and SunPower will be ready for that with its partnership with Sonnen.
  • The more available solar power is for people, the less reliant we will be to fossil fuels and gases for electricity.
  • Eventually, this could all lead to less pollution and a generally healthier environment.

With that in mind, we would also like to note that solar panels, along with home batteries are currently the key to self-sustaining homes. Before the introduction of home batteries, solar panels would often just dump all the excess electricity back to the city grid for you to save on bills. This sort of trade-off somewhat prevented solar panels from being fully realized self-sustaining energy devices.

However, home batteries can change that radically. The technology can be quite limited at the moment, with most home batteries being able to store only up to two weeks maximum of electricity. Still, with SunPower and Sonnen’s partnership program, that may soon change and we could start seeing more advanced storage systems, leading up to a full-fledged self-sustainability. Like you, we are all excited for that future of humanity, so join us together with Sonnen, we will build a brighter future.

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