Solar power in 2019 – Make hay while the sun is shining

Summer is just around the corner depending on where you live right now, but are you more stressed than ever? We are too, with the impending and inevitable price hike in the cost of electric utility, a lot of Summer vacations are bound to be ruined.

Instead of spending time in beautiful Hawaii or that Southeast Asian country you have been dying to go to, you may as well be stuck at home or work trying to compensate for the damage of the electricity price hike. This is especially true if you live in California, where at least 9 million people are bound to be hit by the price hike– that is a least 20 to 25 percent of the Golden State’s population. In times like these, it is better to look for a long-term alternative, something that will greatly alleviate the weight of the looming electricity crisis on your shoulders.

Here at SunPower, we recommend solar energy, and we can provide the means for you to do this. Here are the reasons why you should make the switch to solar power this year.

Big savings, reasonable investment

This is the best reason right here, you get to save a lot on your utility bills, electricity in particular because the power you would be using instead would be generated by the solar panels. This takes the load off your electricity provider, meaning you will definitely use a lot less of their utility, which then means your electricity bill would be lower.

In fact, in California alone, the estimated 20-year duration savings for a household which uses solar panels come in at an average of nearly $30,000, that is more or less $1,500 saved every year. Now just think of what you could have purchased with that $1,500, all for a reasonable investment that will guarantee a yearly saving of thousands of dollars in utility bills.

Grass grows greener where the sun shines

In addition to saving a large sum of yearly expenditures, solar panels will also increase the value of your home. Of course, this is most beneficial for people who are planning to sell their own homes because having a solar panel array setup on your house means that it has the means to sustain itself with electricity.

More than that, a recent survey conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory came up with results that a lot of home buyers are actually willing to pay premium houses with solar panel arrays. You can also increase your house’s value for an additional $12,000 to $15,000, all because of a solar panel array.

Solar will soon be a trend

Recently, the state of California has approved a plan to mandate solar panels on most new single-family homes living in the state. This means that all new movers to the Golden State are given the golden opportunity to get a solar panel array built for their new homes.

Granted, this comes at an increased cost, specifically $9,500 to the cost of building new houses, meaning new homes might get a little more expensive compared to others. This might be a bit big and could discourage a lot of new people moving in even, however, spending a few thousand dollars more could go a long way in saving both energy and utility expenses. Regardless, you might be seeing a lot more new neighbors with solar panels on their homes, so don’t get left out, join the trend.

Cleaner and greener

Of course, this is definitely an obvious reason, one that has been present ever since the first application of solar energy. Solar panels do not burn coal, oil, or natural gases for electricity and therefore produces no smoke or harmful carbon emissions that can damage the ozone layer and could contribute to global warming.

So when you switch to solar power, not only are you saving money and energy, you are also saving the environment. As a whole, it is also better for the population of any city or country to use something clean, renewable, and practically unlimited like solar energy.

Now that you are aware of why solar energy is the way to go in 2019, we at SunPower welcome you to consider switching to solar. Just remember that we can provide lots of options, which are also some of the best right now in the solar industry, perhaps even in the foreseeable future.

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