How to save energy in summer?

Summer is here and you know what that means. Usually sunny weather of course and trips to the beach, maybe Hawaii or a tropical country in Southeast Asia, but for you to do some expensive recreation, you’ll need space money. That spare money could easily come from saving up, whether from other expenses or utilities, saving up can go a long way.

The thing about Summer is, it can get expensive even if you are just at home in terms of energy. It is definitely warmer, so cool air conditioning is necessary to keep temperatures in check. Your refrigerator might also have to work harder to keep the food and water cold. So we present you with some tips on how to save energy during Summer, if you pull them off, then maybe you can save enough for that little extra for a Summer vacation.


Let the cool air in

Air conditioning is one of the most costly expenses you and your energy can incur during the Summer. The problem is, you simply cannot cut it back since heat can get dangerous, depending on where you live. So what we suggest as an alternative option to air conditioning is to turn it off during the night and open your windows instead, preferably the second or top floor ones.

This is to let all the cool air in during the night while you sleep, it also saves you from turning on the air conditioning during nighttime. Once you wake up in the morning, close all the open windows, effectively trapping all the cool air inside your house. Hopefully, it should last a few hours until you have to turn the air conditioning back on sometime after lunch hours. This should lower your electricity bill during Summer and still provide you with adequate cooling.


Good old-fashioned fans

If it really is not that hot or there are not many people in the house, you can opt to use an electric fan instead of air conditioning. Or you can use a ceiling fan to make the air conditioning more efficient, effectively letting you raise your thermostat without much reduction in comfort. Unlike air conditioning, fans are definitely more focused and they are there to cool people, not rooms.

There is also the fact that fans actually use a lot less energy than air conditioning when it comes to cooling people, so if you decide to go pure fan, then that is a lot of monthly saving on energy and utility. Of course, this is all based on your tolerance level for heat, when things do become unbearable even for a focused electric fan, then don’t hesitate to turn on the air conditioning, your health is more important after all.

Minimize the heat inside

Remember that electronics and appliances actually generate heat, so you might want to run them at night, the more heated some electronics are, the more they use electricity because they tend to work slower. So let your dishes dry in the air instead, and replace those hot incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs instead.


Switch to solar

All that Summer sunlight and you can make good use of it while at home? Well, now you can use solar panels, and SunPower makes them expertly and in spades. So take advantage of all that direct Summer sunlight with solar panels so you can rest your electricity utility and save on bills and energy.

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