How can the solar industry become more profitable?

  • Solar power has faced some hindrances in the form of a 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels.
  • There are lots of small and independent dealers, brokers, and contractors for solar panels.
  • Working together with them can be better for everyone and be more profitable.

Solar power is essentially given for free thanks to our very own sun. However, the technology required to take advantage of this can still be rather expensive. This is despite how many solar panels have become significantly more affordable in the past. Now, with the tariff from foreign-made solar panels, the cost might soon rise or come to a standstill.

So what can companies do to offset these new and unexpected expenses in the solar industry? For one, becoming one big business entity instead of several small separate ones would be a good idea. The recent policy changes for renewable energy is becoming quite restrictive for the growth of a lot of companies both big and small.

The situation is, there are lots of independent entities in the solar power industry. These are the dealers, brokers, and even contractors/installers. It can be difficult for a company to grow with a 30 percent tax on every solar panel imported from offshore factories. So a pooling of efforts and resources could be more profitable and eventually stave off the losses from such a tariff on panels.

Why working together can be beneficial for the industry

Before we start, it is important to know what are the roles of a solar dealer, broker, and the contractor is to understand what each business entity in the solar industry represents:

  • Dealer – A company that sells solar equipment to homeowners, businesses and other organizations; may sell products from one or many manufacturers and may also provide installation and maintenance services.
  • Contractor – Construction professionals who are specially trained to install solar equipment, also called installers, some can have their own dealers too.
  • Brokers – a single contact who guides customers and clients through the whole process, often working independently or as real-estate agents too.

Notice something? We sure do at SunPower. These three roles can actually be combined into one and perhaps even be more effective. Dealers could be better equipped to seek and work with big clients such as commercial establishments which require lots of attention. Brokers could specialize in interacting with residential customers. Contractors, well, they specialize in installations and better coordination from a dedicated broker or dealer department could save a lot of time and money.

If all three would work together under one brand or company, via a partnership, their growth would be as one instead of the three separate growths each relying on market changes and adaptation to certain restrictive policies. One thing is for certain though– better services. Having everything in one roof– dealers, contractors, and other departments, even manufacturers, would be the best option a customer can have.

Brokers, on the other hand, can handle everything, but they are usually just one person acting independently or under another company. Looking for other clients and contractors as well as dealers can cost time, compared to a readily available department of contractors.

After all, one transaction is all that is needed instead of say, three separate ones which could be confusing for customers both residential and commercial. One good example would be SunPower, which is one of the leading solar power and solar panel providers in America. We offer a wide range of services and options and have our own dealers and contractors, it worked well for us, and it could work well for you.

SunPower has open doors

Here at SunPower, we believe in positive growth through partnership, why take chances alone amidst the recent oppressive renewable energy policies when working together can produce better and more profitable results. We always welcome changes and new faces in the solar industry and would like the idea of helping other solar power entities grow both financially and structurally.

We can definitely help each other as early as now, especially when the solar industry market is ripe and has a good demand. Despite the challenges the industry is facing under the current administration, we are committed to improving solar power and providing our loyal customers with clean and renewable energy.

So if ever any independent brokers, dealers, or contractors are willing to work with for a better future, know that SunPower is ready and eager. We are doing this for the people and for the environment, and we would like to invite everyone to help.

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