Home Solar Battery Storage – The biggest inventors SunPower, Tesla, and Sonnen

Nothing is more wasteful resource consuming than a house full of family members in a residential area in an large city. In California, there are lots of them, and the same statement goes for all the cities around the world. The energy needs of human beings simply cannot be neglected and keep growing by the hour.

Hence, wasted electricity is truly lamentable these days, especially now with the impending electricity utility price hike in California. Then there is also the fact that overproduced electricity might as well be wasted energy and is often sometimes reserved for emergency situations or as a security blanket.

The same thing can be said even if the energy you are getting is from solar panels. Usually, solar panels convert and generate electricity whenever the sun is shining, during daytime since this is the only opportunity for it to do its job. As such, it will certainly produce excess amounts of energy, after all, making hay while the sun shines is what solar panels do best. This excess electricity then goes to the utility grid and the owner gets a credit for the energy produced and the excess electricity is now free for all to use.

However, there are ways to have more control over the energy that you produce. After all, your solar panels are your investment and you want to make the most out of them. In order to maximize the work of your solar panel, you would need something called a Home Solar Battery Storage. As the name implies, they are large batteries for the electricity that your solar panels generate, and you will be able to tap into the excess energy with certain limitations.

Like solar panel technologies, there are numerous brands out there that sell and manufacture Home Solar Battery Storages. These are the biggest and most reliable ones:



One of the pioneers of development for solar panel technologies, SunPower has been around for three decades, making it one of the oldest solar energy companies in the relatively new history of solar power. There is also no denying that SunPower has been tried and tested and has a robust selection of solar panels and other accompanying equipment for the energy source.

SunPower’s version of the Home Solar Battery Storage is quite a handful, usually standing at four to five feet in height, two feet in width, and about six inches in depth. Indeed, SunPower does not shy away from maximum energy storage, this is because the bigger the battery, the more power it can store. It also means that there is less excess electricity going to waste since a the large amount gets stored in the large battery.

Without a doubt, SunPower’s Home Solar Battery Storage is one of the best choice you have when considering how to store any excess electricity your panels might have produced. Of course, you would still want to check exactly how much excess your panels actually produce in order to decide if it is really worth purchasing a battery, especially one that is as large as SunPower’s.



Yes, you may have guessed it, this company is from the famous and world-renowned Elon Musk himself. It is also the same one that makes electric cars that don’t need diesel to run. One could say that this is Musk’s first few contributions to solar energy. While not having the same solar industry veterancy as SunPower, Tesla’s very own Home Solar Battery Storage, named “Powerwall” may also be a solid option.

The Powerwall is also quite big, standing in at nearly four feet in height, but is slightly wider than SunPower’s home battery by .5 feet. Essentially, this puts the Powerwall in the same size and weight category as most large and competitive Home Solar Battery Storages. The Powerwall also boasts a nice feature where it can power a significantly large home for seven or more days continuously in the event of a power outage.

Like Tesla cars though, the Powerwall has to be bought through a reservation from Tesla. It usually can go as high as $7,000+ per unit, including the reservation cost. Then there may also be other factors involved such as the waiting time for the product and the installation as well as home assessment. It is definitely a large investment, so due consideration is advised.



Last but not the least, there is Sonnen. Sonnen, like Tesla, is a relatively new company which has made leaps and bounds in the solar power industry. It has made Significant financial and progressive advancements ever since it was established back in 2010 in Germany. There, it has even become one of the leading companies in the market, which is an impressive feat for a young renewable energy company.

Sonnen’s very own sonnenBatterie is quite an interesting similar model compared to the other two mentioned above. There is also seems to be different variants of the same product, one that is of a higher capacity and build compared to the other. One version comes in at four feet in height while the other is a staggering six feet in height, presumably because it can store a lot more excess power. It also seems to come in the same color as the two other Home Solar Battery Storage units from SunPower and Tesla, which is a pearly or sometimes cloudy white, giving it the appearance of a small and compact refrigerator.

Regardless, it can also be placed in areas that do not have a lot of space because the depth of the unit is still relatively thin and can fit in limited spaces. Sonnen is definitely a good choice for excess power storage and you cannot go wrong by choosing it, especially if you live in Europe.


Make hay while the sun is shining

Whichever brand you choose for your first Home Solar Battery Storage, know that what you are purchasing is a peace of mind. Knowing that your excess energy will keep you safe and supplied can be a rather reassuring thought, it also usually gives you a good advantage when your place gets hit by a power outage or some other calamity.

Before you take a pick though, you might want to ask first regarding the compatibility between solar panel brands, after all, some products may work better when paired with others from the same brand. Regardless if you own a solar panel system, definitely consider purchasing a Home Solar Battery Storage, they are one of the few representations of peace of mind that you can purchase.

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