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Whether you want to lease, own, or purchase a solar power system, we have an affordable option that’s right for you.

Spend Less. Live Better.

Enjoy More.

It is better to manage your expenses by deciding on how you spend for electricity. With EcoSolar USA, you can decide HOW MUCH you will spend each month and HOW LONG you will pay for electricity. Each solar plan has its own advantage that is to save your money while providing enough energy foryour comfortable lifestyle. Let’s spend less, live better and enjoy more.

Choose A Solar Program That Works For You

Save your monthly utility bill by switching to Solar today!

Our Sales Consultants will design a customized system for your home and help you choose the one which benefits you the most.


Provides flexibility in choosing solar panel brands and financing terms. Purchasing is an effective program if:

  • Most Savings Option
  • You want to Own the System
  • You want to Own the System
  • You want to Increase Your Home Value
  • $0 Upfront Cost, $0 Down Payment
  • 10-Year Roofing Warranty
  • 25-Year Equipment Warranty
  • Brand Name Solar Panels
  • You are qualified for 26% Federal Tax Incentives. Take advantage while it lasts. This Federal program will be reduce and slowly go away by 2021

We carry different brands and offer affordable financing solutions to all budgets. Financing Programs up to 25 years, interest rates ranging from 1.99%- 5.99%, and both credit/non-credit based programs.

Solar PPA

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

Go solar for no upfront cost and lock-in low energy rates

  •   FREE solar system, maintenance, and repair
  • Up to $1,000 Cash Back
  • Good Savings

You only pay for what the system produces at a rate guaranteed to be cheaper than your currently utility.

SunPower Lease

If you want a hassle-free, top quality Solar System then SunPower lease is a great choice for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • ·More Savings  
  • No Maintenance, Repair nor Upfront Cost Needed 
  • Lock in your Rate and have a Fixed Monthly Payment
  • 10-Year Roofing Warranty 
  • 25-Year Equipment Warranty  
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Customer Service & Support  
  • Up to $1,000 Cash Back

Performance Guarantee – If the system does not produce as promised, Sun Power will send you a refund check for the difference between the Guaranteed and Actual Production

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