Easily Manage the Disadvantages of Solar Power

While we are all for   and its immense benefits will surely negate the disadvantages it poses, it is still necessary for you to know all the angles to help you better understand what you are facing with adapting to solar power.

It is not all green light when talking about solar power, you also need to pause and stop to make sure you are convinced that going solar is indeed the right choice. It is reasonable to plot disadvantages, too, for you to see the entire picture of going solar. But heads up, these disadvantages of solar power we are listing down are manageable, so you won’t have to worry.

Manageable Disadvantages of Solar Power

  1. Expensive Capital Cost

As mentioned earlier, acquiring solar panels come with a cost. Solar power isn’t expensive per se but the cost of buying and installing it. This is because you’re actually buying the innovation and the patent that comes with production. Plus, the manpower cost of installing. However, from that point thereafter, it’s practically huge savings of electric bill which you can enjoy up to the life of your solar panels (approximately 25-40 years).

Tip: Incentives and rebates are being extended to solar buyers and users (as mentioned in the advantages). Moreso, in most situations, solar panels are cheaper than buying electricity from the utility companies.

  1. High Cost of Energy Storage

Storing solar energy is quite tricky and this is the reason why it is costly. Charged solar batteries cover the demand and load for the whole day and ensuring its stability requires expensive technology.

Tip: Solar energy use is congruent to our daily demands. Electricity demand peaks in the day where the sun is up and shining and decreases in the night when the sunsets. This means that our need for storage is less.

  1. Roof Space Requirement

The amount of power that can be derived from solar panels is relative to the space being allotted. Which means the bigger space, the better the energy that can be hauled from the sun. So, to be able to maximize the power of solar requires a good amount of space. For an average-sized home, this can be quite a concern, to be able to provide the needed electricity demand of a household. Especially, homes in urban areas such as in Los Angeles County, the roof space is often small while the energy cost is too high.

Tip: An experienced solar installer will know the techniques to lever your roof and/or the solar system to fulfill your solar demand.

  1. Solar Panels are Almost Unmovable

As mentioned, installing solar panels is expensive. What more if you are uninstalling it because you’re moving house and then install it again to your new house? So you better not. Also, the net metering agreement which you are enjoying is fixed to your property.

Tip: It is wise to consider to sell your current property with the solar panels in it. Again, your property increases in value with the solar panel system and it is faster to sell. Plus, the warranty on the panels is transferable to the new homeowner.

Managing the Disadvantages of Solar Power: Finding the Right Solar Contractor/Dealer

It is quite obvious that the disadvantages mentioned were not actually about solar power per se but about the cost and installation requirements, which definitely are manageable. Finding yourself the right solar power contractor or dealer can help you manage the downside and challenges it poses.

The Nitty Gritty of Solar Panels

It looks as simple as buying and installing them but it isn’t. You need a great deal of understanding the entire procedure and the cost and payoff of having solar panels. Most falls into the trap of just having them. While it is good in general, it wouldn’t hurt to ask questions or research before proceeding to acquire a solar panel system for your home.

Manage it! The best solar dealers and contractors can explain to you everything you need to know about solar power before you make a choice. The best ones not only sell the products but they understand the technology and every angle of the product. They are trained by the manufacturer as to the design and technology of the solar panels.

Bad Installation

Plainly simple, this isn’t a question about the solar panels but rather on the workmanship of the installation. Poor quality contractors can mess up the installation or may damage the roof. When a contractor doesn’t understand the real science into it, the solar panels might fail to produce the right amount of power.

Manage it! The key here is finding the best contractor to install the solar panel system to avoid problems and issues with regards installation and maximizing hauling solar power. Look for the dealer who is trained by the manufacturer the proper way to mount and install solar panels. Also, look for their service record and experiences in the field. It will assure you that they definitely know what they are doing and that they do it very well.

Most importantly, you should be committed

Acquiring a solar panel system isn’t a one-day responsibility but a long term commitment for most. One should be ready for all the pros and cons of having solar panels, most especially that cost it entails and the payoff process. Once you are committed to the long term, you’ll definitely enjoy the rewards of going solar.

Calculating Savings from Going Solar

You mainly switch for solar power because you were told that you get huge savings in the long run for having them. But how much do you actually save?

To get the most accurate estimation, you can reach out the most trusted local solar dealers and ask for quotations. Remember to compare the same products, production, warranties, and offered services between the solar providers. Don’t be lured to accept a cheaper price by reducing the services or panel quality. Be reminded also of the many financial incentives and rebates you can get to lower the cost of acquisition.

Go Solar with SunPower by EcoSolar USA

Making the decision to go solar while tricky can be easy. Gain the full understanding about disadvantages of solar power by contacting SunPower by EcoSolar USA for a free consultation.


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