Different types of Solar Panels

Solar energy and the technology to harness it is relatively new to the history of human civilization. While it was actually has seen its first application in the late 19th century and has been deemed as a viable energy source back in the early 20th century, the discovery of cheap oil in the 1930s actually sidetracked humanity’s interest for solar energy.

This was because back in that day and age, oil or coal was actually more affordable and readily obtainable compared to the technology needed for harnessing the seemingly limitless power of the sun. It wasn’t until 1970s up to today that solar power came back to the radar of society not that oil and coal have been determined to be worsening finite resources.

What this probably means for the common household is that solar energy and the tools and equipment necessary to make use of it can get quite alien. It is definitely a new venture for a lot of people, even big companies that have been around for hundreds of years have just recently started adopting the technology.

As with anything relatively new, methods and specifications can get confusing, but at SunPower, we guarantee you that solar energy is the way to go and will might even soon be a household word. After all, mankind is in dire need of a renewable power source.

So, we would like to introduce you to our different categories of solar panels to make you more familiar with the technology that we are offering. This way, once you are ready to choose and switch to solar power, you can easily slide in and not be overwhelmed by the jargons and the complexity of each choice you need to make when selecting a type of solar panel for your energy needs.

The following below are SunPower’s ever-improving selection of solar panel technologies, each with its own purpose and specialization.


X-Series Home Solar Panel

X Series Home PanelsLet’s start with the basic one, the one which most people go to for usual home use. These are the so-called X-Series Home Solar Panels. The X-Series is perfectly suited for households and can easily provide a family with ready electricity, they are what you can call as for household use in this category.

However, don’t be fooled by household tag since the X-Series from SunPower actually currently delivers the highest efficiency available right now when it comes to residential solar panels. They do it at an astounding 22.8 percent efficiency level, something which other brands and patents might find hard to match. What this does for a household is that you may not need that many panels to maintain when it comes to electricity generation because each panel is highly efficient on its own.

This usually means you get more electricity for a lower cost and less solar panels compared to other brands thanks to the sophisticated technology of the X-Series. In addition to the better efficiency, the X-Series from SunPower can also deliver up to 44 percent more power per panel. Like we mentioned above, this means you can save solar panels and essentially the space required for mounting them. So, say your roof is not actually even in terms of the amount of sunlight it receives, well, the X-Series can mitigate this problem because of its highly efficient panels.

The effective lifespan of the X-Series amounts to as much as 25 years, where during that duration, the solar panels can produce 75 percent more energy per square foot compared to other conventional solar panels. As such, the warranty of the X-Series also extends up until 25 years, which is surely enough until a new technology comes along or you decide to upgrade.

Not that a warranty is need though, we just like to give you a nice peace of mind, but the X-Series actually can built upon a solid copper foundation, meaning it has enough material to be efficient and reliable at the same time. So you can definitely expect the solar panels of the X-Series to be top-notch over its lifetime, after all, copper is the best electricity conductor right now.

Of course, all that function does not mean that SunPower skimped on the form. X-Series is not something you would want to hide when visitors come see your house. We made them a signature black design to blend in well with any roof, meaning the there is little to no aesthetic effects on your beautiful home. We also made sure that they are not a pain to look by incorporating them with an anti-reflective glass to reduce glare. Rest assured, the X-Series are made to fit in with a variety of architectural styles for every home.

Lastly, the X-Series is also a recipient of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver award and is actually the first and only solar power product in the world to receive such an accolade. This serves as a testament to the quality of SunPower’s solar panels which not only improves your quality of life but also wins in the eyes of product award institutions. Get this one if space is an issue or if sunlight is not as strong in the area you reside.


E-Series Home Solar Panel

Now we are moving on to budget performance models, which may be fit for small businesses that require a reliable and unfaltering energy source. However, this can also be used by families and their households. This is the E-Series Solar Panel and they are high performance devices for your electricity needs.

Like the home-focused X-Series, the E-Series is one of the top offerings in its weight class, meaning it is one of the most efficient in the world. Likewise, it also is one of the most efficient solar panels out there compared to other brands and converts the greatest percentage of sunlight to electricity, not much is wasted when it comes to the E-Series.

However, it is worth noting that the the E-Series is actually a lesser version of the X-Series, and as a result, is more affordable than that one. Like the X-Series though, the E-Series has an expected lifespan of 25 years, where owners can expect an additional output of 60 percent more energy over that timespan compared to other brands.

This is notably less than the X-Series has to offer since that one can do 75 percent more energy, but for those who may be starting out in the solar power industry and want a quick and good experience with solar panels, the E-Series will do its job. You can still save on your electricity bills with the E-Series though and by no means should it be skipped in terms of consideration, unless you want the best for your home.

Like the X-Series, the E-Series also has that capability to maximize the space it is mounted upon the roof. Because of its efficiency, the E-Series does not require too many panels and you can certainly save up on space. However, it is important to note that the E-Series is focused more on establishments which has lots of horizontal spaces for solar panels, like the top of a supermarket or convenience store.

That said, the E-Series is still a great all-around solar panel and is relatively more affordable than its expensive bigger and more robust brother, the X-Series. If you have a business or a large household with lots of space maybe, say, a ranch or farm, then you might want to consider the E-Series as an option since you could be able to save more by sparing some free space.

Warranty-wise, the E-Series is similar to the X-Series where SunPower provides a good warranty for the expected lifespan of the solar panels, which is 25 years. This is definitely enough time for the solar panel to provide you with clean and renewable electricity until perhaps a new technology or patent comes along as an upgrade sometime in the future.

Rest assured, you still cannot got wrong with the E-Series from SunPower since they are actually great for every need and task. They only have a slightly reduced reliability and efficiency compared to the X-Series but apart from that, they are practically the same, the E-Series is just more favorable for those who have the space for lots of solar panels.

A word of warning though, purchasing the E-Series for its aesthetic compatibility may not be the best decision since it is not as beautifully-built as the X-Series and is more focused for business use. So if you don’t want the aesthetic harmony of your beautiful home interrupted by solar panels, then choosing the X-Series instead of the E-Series may be better for you.


P-Series Home Solar Panel

Now these, are SunPower’s best offering when it comes to heavy performance class solar panels. They are perfect for large businesses which need a constant supply of electricity as well as for power plants that supply electricity to other establishments. Take note that these are the most space-consuming of all the three solar panel types and you would need a large real-estate area to implement them.

The P-Series Solar Panels offer superior energy yield, reliability, efficiency, and durability compared to other conventional solar panel technologies. They truly are the fruit of SunPower’s decades of research and development and dedication to the solar industry and to the goal of having a sustainable energy source for the future.

As such, the P-Series can even be considered as one of the best innovations for solar panel technology available right now. This is because SunPower has opted to go for a unique and rather minimalist design which is both practical and even aesthetically pleasing for solar panels.

Gone are the fragile ribbons and solder bonds that hold conventional solar panel designs together. The result is that P-Series solar panels have more space for absorbing sunlight as well as space beneath for the active cell areas for the conversion of the sunlight to electricity. Higher quality alternative materials are also used for the P-Series, making its cells operate at lower peak temperatures, consequently giving it a longer lifespan than other types or brands.

The expected lifespan of each P-Series panel is actually 25 years, same as the X and E-Series of solar panels from SunPower. However, since it can operate at lower temperatures because of its innovative construction, we would not be surprised if it performs beyond its expectations. During its lifespan though, the P-Series can output an additional 17 percent more energy for the first 25 years. This is actually 7 percent more than any other brand or competitor in the same solar panel class.

The secret in the P-Series strength lies in its unique parallel circuit design which makes energy flow in just one direction. This minimizes energy loss when the solar panel gets blocked from sunlight. The P-Series can also be installed either on the ground or rooftops, making them perfect devices for energy farms that need to meet high demands from consumers or other businesses.

As for the reliability of the P-Series? We are proud to declare that the P-Series has actually won the 2017 DNV GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard. This means that the P-Series is actually the top performer last year when it comes to five aspects of reliability that were included in the testing process. These tests include thermal cycling, damp heat, humidity-freeze, dynamic mechanical load and potential induced degradation. The P-Series is sure to not let you down and will provide you with energy.


Take your pick

With that said and discussed, we leave the choice up to you. We do hope that after reading the above that you are now ready for the next big technological step towards the future of mankind, which is renewable and clean energy.

Just a reminder, for homes with limited space and installation options, the X-Series Home Solar Panel is perfect for you. For businesses or large real-estates, then the E-Series might be a better cost saving option. Lastly, for power plants and huge business establishments, the P-Series will definitely give you the power you need and then some.

Whatever your choice may be though, as long as you choose SunPower, you will get your investment’s worth. We are always happy to help and provide you with alternative solutions for your energy needs.

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