Best Solar Panels for Your Home

Switching to solar power and owning solar panels for your home’s electricity is indeed a smart choice for homeowners like you. However, with tons of brands  claiming to be the best, choosing the right solar power system for your needs requires you to make an informed decision.

And to help you, we have made the initiative to find and present to you the top solar panel brands out there: SunPower vs. Panasonic vs. LG. These brands generally are the makers of the best solar panels in and out the United States that are known for durability, reliability, fair price, and premium protection. In the same way, we compare these brands based on the criteria of Efficiency, Temperature Coefficient, Price, and Warranty. Here’s what we found out.

Most Efficient Solar Panels

The measure of solar panels efficiency is based on how well it converts sunlight into usable electricity. The higher the rating, the more efficient solar panels are because it means that it works best at capturing sunlight and translating it into energy for your home’s use.

Topping this criteria is SunPower gaining a 22.2 percent efficiency rating with their X-Series residential solar panels. Followed closely by LG with 21 percent and Panasonic with 20.3 percent panel efficiency.

Temperature Coefficient Solar Panels

Unideal weather and circumstances are the measure of a solar panel’s temperature coefficiency as they are made to be exposed under the sun and on the harshest conditions possible. So, temperature coefficient is the performance of solar panels in less-than-ideal set-up.

As a guide, solar panels operate at best when they are kept at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). While summer is the best time for sunlight it is also the most challenging for solar panels to work with as they are exposed to hotter temperatures. So, the more coefficient the solar panels are, the better is its performance during higher temperatures. Measuring coefficiency is by the temperature, a lower rating would mean better coefficiency.

Raking up the top spot is the Panasonic brand at -0.26 temperature coefficient. Followed by SunPower with -0.29 and LG at -0.30 coefficiency.

Fairest Priced Solar Panels

The rule of thumb is the more premium the solar panels are, the more expensive it is. But it translates to more efficiency, strength, and durability.

When it comes to average cost ($/watt), Panasonic has the best price at 3.02 dollars per watt, followed by LG with 3.19, and SunPower at 3.36.

Looking at the prices, Panasonic tops the list with the most affordable solar panels. SunPower has a more premium price due to its more advanced technology and higher efficiency.

Best Warranty

Just like any other electronic devices, materials or equipment warranty is of prime importance for solar panels because it covers protection and peace of mind for a specific term. Basically, this warranty covers equipment failure due to manufacturing defects and environmental factors.

While many solar companies offer 10-15 years warranty (10 years is the minimum warranty based on governmental requirements), the best in the field lengthen it to 25 years. And this seems a three-way tie for SunPower, Panasonic, and LG as they all offer 25 years materials warranty. However, SunPower also covers the Labor Cost in its Warranty, means that the solar owners do not need to pay for labor then they need the warranty services. That coverage tops the other competitors in the industry.

Summary of Performance Based on Criteria Set


BrandPanel EfficiencyTemperature CoefficiencyCost/WattWarranty
SunPower22.2%-0.293.3625 years
Panasonic20.3%-0.263.0225 years
LG21 %-0.303.1925 years



BrandPanel Efficiency (40%)Temperature Coefficiency


Cost/Watt (20%)Warranty (10%)

Final Verdict

Taken into consideration all the criteria for the best solar panels in the market today, these three brands are really having a tight race to the top. Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses and tops each parameter.

But taking into primary importance is the solar panel’s efficacy of turning sunlight into electricity, then SunPower seems to be the top choice because it wins the most 2 important criteria: efficiency and warranty. Solar panel efficiency determines the electricity you can generate from it and consume. Further, the more efficient panels are, the cheaper it is in the long run. And we all know that solar panels should be with us almost a lifetime.

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