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The Innovation of SunPower

What do you get when you combine three decades of hard work and dedication, concern for the environment, and quality services to the people? One of the best solar power companies out there, SunPower.

Established back in 1985, SunPower has been one of the pioneers of clean and green energy in the US and one of the leaders when it comes to global solar power innovation and development. As such, we specialize in providing some of the best solar panel technologies in the world both for large multinational companies and for the regular American households.

In addition to powering homes and business establishments with safe and renewable solar energy from the sun, SunPower also strives to move forward and develop new and useful advancements to the solar power industry. We always keep the future in mind and we want to make sure that mankind has a future when it comes to the basic energy needs.

Simply put, SunPower, offers more than just clean and green energy source alternatives, we also offer a peace of mind. We want to make sure that in the future, your children will have fresh air to breathe in and energy to use for their homes, one solar panel at a time.

From SunPower’s humble beginnings in California, the company has expanded to other parts of the world. We have also provided solar power alternatives to corporations such as Walmart, Macy’s, FedEx, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Those, and the numerous homes which have switched to solar power with the help of SunPower have added up to the company’s impressive 18,000,000 megawatt hour (MWh) of total solar energy generated.

The Growth of SunPower by EcoSolar USA

SunPower by EcoSolar USA serves as an Orange County Solar panel dealer and one of the 31 Master Dealers of SunPower all over the nation.

Master Dealers are the best solar panel installers, rigorously selected by SunPower to represent the globally trusted brand, combining SunPower’s 30 years of industry experience with the chosen solar company’s local expertise.

What makes a Master Dealer the best level of solar panel installers?

*** By Invitation Only – SunPower chooses a few top solar dealers and solar installers nationwide that meet or exceed the rigorous selection process.

*** Superior Service – Master Dealers are vetted by the most stringent criteria in areas of installation, training and customer satisfaction.

*** Local Knowledge – Master Dealers are the best solar panel companies investing in their communities, and have expert knowledge of local jurisdiction and permit regulations

Since its partnership 2015, SunPower by EcoSolar USA has flourished successfully because of its loyal customers and hardworking employees.

All the employees of SunPower by EcoSolar USA have at least combining 30 years of industry experience with the chosen solar company’s local expertise when it comes to solar energy. SunPower by EcoSolar USA also has a total proficiency of many different languages to take on the challenges of communication.

SunPower by EcoSolar USA’s mission is to bring quality solar energy products to customers from various communities in the US with utmost customer care and a reasonable price. Suffice to say, we have done so with much integrity and professionalism. SunPower by EcoSolar USA has since successfully completed about 500 projects resulting in 95 percent customer satisfaction thanks to mostly perfect 10 customer ratings and review scores. Because of that, we are proud to guarantee our future customers and clients that we plan to continue and even improve this level of quality service.

In 2018, SunPower by EcoSolar USA was voted the best solar panel installer and most favorite solar company in Orange County, CA by the readers of OC Registers and LA Times.

A Bright future ahead

With that said, we want nothing more than for you to join us in our goal of making the world a better place to inhabit for us with the help of solar energy. 


Let’s save our environment. By going solar, one house at a time.

5 Main Reason Why Choose EcoSolar

You get No.1 record-winning products

Our products, with the highest durability and efficiency, have won every record in the solar industry.

You get satisfying customer services

100% of our customers are happy with our 24/7 Customer support with responsive and helpful staff from the start to the end of your 25-year contract.

You get your customized plan

We understand different people have unique demand and budget. So we customized every solar option differently. Going solar with us, you get your solar plan designed for only you. 

You talk to people who speak your language and understand your culture

Our helpful staff speaks many different languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, and others.

You rest assured with 25-Year Warranty

Our warranty is all you need.  Full coverage of products, production, and workmanship. Plus, a 10-year warranty for your roof protection.
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