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Understand Net Metering

NEM 2.0 vs NEM 3.0

What is Net Metering in California?

Spin the meter backward is a term you’ve

probably heard if you’ve been researching

solar energy. In fact, net metering

accomplishers this by returning excess power to the grid in exchange for credit, which lowers your energy cost.

NEM 3.0: What Changes is Coming?

The current Net Metering 2.0 grants you 1-1 credit that generously offsets the cost of the electricity you use from your utility. It’s one of the major advantages of solar energy. These credits will be significantly reduced by Net Metering 3.0 changes that go into effect in April 2023.

Solar installed now can benefit from NEM 2.0 terms and will continue to do so for 20 years.

Our Products

$0 Down Solar Power

All-in-one System
25 Years Complete Confidence Warranty
Reduce Monthly Electric Bills
Best in Class Quality Panels

Why Choose

EcoSolar USA?

5 Main Reasons To Choose Us

Best products, with the highest durability and efficiency, has won every record in the solar industry.

24/7 Customer Support, quickly responsive and helpful staff, from the start to the end of your 25- year contract

Best-in-class 25-Year Warranty. Full coverage of products, production, and workmanship. Plus a 10-year warranty for your roof.

Affordable prices with low monthly payments. Many promotions and cash backs reduce your energy bills from the beginning.

The company can accommodate in 7 different languages. Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian and English.

EcoSolar USA Team

To become a trusted solar provider in the communities we serve. A global quality with local expertise. At EcoSolar USA, we commit to providing top-tier renewable energy solutions for your home, bringing a comfortable lifestyle to your family, and reducing your energy bills. We also believe in protecting the environment by using green energy. Together, we can help make the world a cleaner place to live.

Check out what clients say

Myah Nguyen, Energy Consultant at EcoSolar USA was an A+ consultant. Highly communicative, responsive, and educated me on residential solar. Part of the master dealer network for SunPower, this is the highest level of dealer prestige. If you’re looking for honest and straightforward SunPower support on your solar project, look no further than EcoSolar.

Kale N.

Laguna Niguel, CA

After 1 year of solar service, we are very happy with our decision to go with Star Sun Solar. Our monthly bills average about $5-$10 compared with $120-$150 in previous years. I’m highly recommend Star Sun Solar for their services and recommendation.

Steve H.

Buena Park, CA

I had a long-standing issue with my Sun Power system not being connected to monitoring. This was left over from another installing vendor who had given up and walked away. EcoSoar stepped up and came right out. They worked through a number of issues and got Sun Power to replace my inverter. All is good. Service from John and Myah was superb!

Yorba Linda


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Phone: 714-265-9077
Fax Number: 714-455-7211
Email: info@ecosolarusa.com
Website: www.ecosolarusa.com

License Number: 1045300

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